Chemical Testing

Recent legislation has introduced stringent controls on chemicals found in a variety of products. Testing is, therefore, vital to demonstrate compliance with legal requirements and retailer specifications.

Martin Heels, Head of Chemical and Analytical Technology


For over 90 years, SATRA has contributed to many advances in industry through its unrivalled technical knowledge and expertise of testing footwear and consumer products in our purpose-built laboratories. This unique expertise has been gained through SATRA’s long history of testing and research.

Specialized services

SATRA has comprehensive laboratories (UKAS-accredited to ISO 17025), expert chemists and sophisticated equipment to detect a wide range of hazardous and restricted chemical substances.

CPSC Accredited Laboratory

All manufacturers, importers and retailers of children’s products sold in the US are required to provide evidence of third-party testing to show compliance with the American Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) 2008. As a CPSC-accredited laboratory, SATRA can provide third-party lead testing in accordance with these regulations.

Testing available

SATRA’s purpose-built, temperature and humidity controlled, UKAS-accredited laboratories have a range of equipment for the analysis of footwear components and consumer products. These feature hi-tech analytical instrumentation capable of detecting substances to parts per million (ppm) levels.

Examples of restricted substances that should form part of your restricted substances specification are


Footwear, clothing accessories and other consumer products are included under the REACH requirements for substances in articles. These requirements include both restricted chemicals and Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC). SATRA can help members with their REACH testing requirements.

Additional chemical services In addition to the restricted substances testing, SATRA can investigate discoloration, bespoke chemical testing and specific odor problems. The Chemical and Analytical Technology Group at SATRA are always on hand to advise and educate regarding restricted substances and legislative requirements.


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