Footwear Comfort

Comfort is a major consideration when consumers buy footwear and in their brand loyalty. SATRA’s expertise in fit and comfort assessment is being increasingly used by members to benchmark the comfort performance of all types of footwear.

Mike Wilson, Footwear Technologist


Why use SATRA?

For over 90 years SATRA has contributed to many great advances in the footwear industry through its unrivalled knowledge of developing consumer products and materials, and testing in its purpose built laboratories.

The unique SATRA Comfort Index is one result of the research and development undertaken by SATRA¹s dedicated teams of highly qualified scientists and technicians. The SATRA Comfort Index assesses and evaluates all factors that affect the comfort of footwear and its components. In addition, SATRA has a wide range of physical tests to characterize and quantify specific comfort factors.

Unique services

SATRA Comfort Index (SATRA TP3):

The index comprises four subjective evaluations:


SATRA's purpose built, temperature and humidity controlled, UKAS accredited laboratories have a range of equipment installed to measure and assess whole shoe and underfoot comfort. For example, SATRA can measure 'whole shoe breathability' with the advanced moisture management test (AMMT), recording absorption and breathability using an artificial, sweating foot.

Other comfort tests include:

These in-house tests have been designed to help manufacturers, suppliers and retailers evaluate products, maximize sales and ensure customer satisfaction.


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