Laboratory Services

A SATRA Accredited Laboratory certificate on the wall has proved a major selling point in helping to attract and retain customer orders.

Lee Lythgoe, Quality Services


Why use SATRA?

For over 90 years, SATRA has contributed to many great advances in a wide range of industries through its unrivalled knowledge of developing consumer products and materials, and testing in its purpose-built laboratories.

SATRA's Laboratory Accreditation recognizes that testing plays a vital role in the control of product quality and that in-house test facilities are seen as a prudent move by modern manufacturers.


SATRA can assist with provision and calibration of test equipment, test methods and standards, and the training of laboratory technicians, as well as development of product performance specifications.

Any in-house laboratory has to be well controlled with responsibilities within the laboratory clearly defined. The quality system, the equipment, the environment and the staff must prove to be of a very high standard. Regular SATRA audits ensure an on-going commitment.

SATRA test equipment stands apart because of its technical excellence. No other test equipment provider has our level of in-house technical support to pull from. SATRA test equipment is unique in having benefited from being trialed first in SATRA laboratories.

Setting up your own laboratory

Testing is essential to all quality programs, and the benefits of having an in-house laboratory are:

Laboratory Accreditation

When all essential elements of an effective laboratory are in place, SATRA will formally assess the total system. To achieve accreditation, laboratories undergo a rigorous auditing process, based on an ability to test to particular test methods and standards. The accreditation is based on the essential elements of ISO 17025 – general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.

SATRA test equipment

SATRA's test equipment is reliable, easy to use and maintain, and each machine is supplied with full operating instructions and workshop calibration. Our equipment is found serving all major consumer product industries, including footwear, furniture, safety products, floor coverings and fabric care.

Test methods

Test methods and standards are the key to ensuring product performance is measured accurately and consistently. SATRA has developed a range of test methods, covering all aspects of implementation, improvement and accreditation of in-house laboratories. SATRA can help you set up your in-house testing facility.

From concept to staff assessment, SATRA will design a program to maximize the benefits to your company.


For more information on how SATRA can help please contact James Corton.