Pedatron test machine

Market leading footwear soling and flooring abrasion wear tester.


SATRA Pedatron Test Machine STM 528

Based on biomechanical studies, the SATRA Pedatron reproduces realistic whole shoe soling wear. In addition, the Pedatron can be used to produce flooring surface wear, which correlates well to actual flooring wear in situ.

The SATRA STM 528 Pedatron test machine has been developed to give realistic footwear soling wear, achieved at accelerated rate and under repeatable conditions. This provides an alternative to a typical 30-80 day user trial, the equivalent Pedatron test being completed in about six hours of machine run time.

In order to achieve a realistic wear assessment, the Pedatron has been developed to closely replicate the action of walking, with parameters determined from biomechanical studies of walking gaits. The Pedatron reproduces both straight and turning steps. Extensive correlation between footwear tested on the Pedatron and user worn footwear has demonstrated the validity of the Pedatron test to reproduce wear patterns equivalent to those found in service.

Whilst other tests are available to determine the relative rate of wear of soling (for example, using the SATRA STM 602 Abrader), the SATRA Pedatron is unique in being able to reproduce a whole shoe soling wear test based on a realistic walking gait against a realistic flooring surface.

The way a sole wears will be determined by a number of factors such as:

As the SATRA Pedatron test is a whole shoe test, with the footwear subject to flexing and turning motions, as well as straight line walking, the influence of the footwear’s constructional factors are reflected in the resulting wear pattern and amount of soling loss.

A standardized textured surface is used for footwear testing, which allows consistent results to be obtained. In addition, a wide range of different flooring surfaces can be used for testing.

The SATRA Pedatron gives a viable alternative to trials where footwear is worn by test subjects over an extended period of time. It can also be used to prepare footwear prior to other tests, such as slip resistance. The SATRA Pedatron can be used to artificially wear a soling, after which a slip resistance test can be conducted (using the SATRA STM 603 slip resistance tester). This allows the slip resistance to be determined for a part worn shoe, and hence obtain confirmation of slip resistance over the life of the footwear. The SATRA Pedatron has also been found to be an effective machine for testing the wear resistance of flooring materials. The flooring samples are typically subject to one million step cycles. Wear patterns are found to be representative of actual flooring wear in situ.

Whether as a means of confirming footwear quality, with respect to soling life, or as an aid to product development, the SATRA STM 528 Pedatron offers a valuable tool for the footwear industry.

The machine is available with SATRA test methods and associated guidelines developed specifically for the SATRA STM 528 Pedatron.

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