SATRA Membership for Retailers

As well as safety, consumers want durability and value for money in the footwear they buy at retail. Therefore, it is important for retailers to work with an experienced technical organization to identify strengths and weaknesses before product is sold.


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Membership benefits for retailers

SATRA is the world’s premier technical partner in product supply chains serving a wide range of industries. Our knowledge, technical excellence and authority means we have gained the respect of the brands, importers and distributors that drive the supply chain. They know they can trust SATRA to help ensure that the materials, components and final product manufactured and sourced will meet performance and legislation standards wherever it is brought to market. The SATRA brand is recognized and respected in over 70 countries. Being a SATRA member means you will be recognized as having world class professional support in ensuring product safety, quality and performance. The modern consumer wants safety, but they also want durability and value for money, so it's important to identify strengths and weaknesses in products before they hit the shelf.

Footwear testing and risk assessment protocol

SATRA regularly works with retailers to help develop their own specifications and to test the products they sell to SATRA, European and international standards.

Restricted substances

Retailers have a duty to ensure that the footwear they sell is free from restricted and hazardous substances. SATRA has unique chemical testing facilities in its laboratories which are accredited to ISO 17025 by UKAS and SATRA has the knowledge and experience of a wide range of chemical testing techniques. SATRA's chemical analytical facility can identify the presence of chemicals and compounds that are restricted under current legislation.

Customer returns and legislation

Consumers have a right to expect safety and reasonable service in the products they buy. Failure to handle customer returns correctly can lead to further complaints, adverse publicity and possible litigation, especially in the case of personal injury. SATRA technical experts can investigate product complaints to establish whether or not they are justified. This service is only available to SATRA members.

Fit and comfort

A good fit is an essential feature in achieving wearer comfort, a major driver of footwear sales. SATRA has a wealth of experience in fit and comfort. The unique SATRA Comfort Index is one result of the research and development undertaken by SATRA’s dedicated teams of highly qualified scientists and technicians. The SATRA Comfort Index comprises: Fit assessment - fit is the single most important comfort factor; Aesthetics and handle - customer’s impressions and expectations at point of sale; Treadmill walking - physical comfort performance in controlled conditions; Moisture disposal - the ability of the shoe uppers and linings to dispose of sweat from the foot.


Use SATRA’s footwear training to remain competitive in an ever-changing global market with our courses.

Basic shoemaking course

A two-day course that not only reviews the main aspects of shoemaking but also provides an opportunity to meet the various specialists from SATRA and visit a footwear factory.

SATRA Accredited Footwear Technologist (SAFT) award

This internationally recognized award can be gained by passing an examination in five key subject areas. Provided as part of this process is a 10-day modular training program covering, Lasts and fitting; Materials and constructions; Laboratory procedures; Product design; Development and risk assessment; Quality assurance and supplier auditing.

Training for point of sale staff

SATRA also offers tailor-made training for retail staff to have an understanding of the current legislation, fit assessment and how to recognize justified complaints.

SATRA knowledge

SATRA provides publications, materials, courses, workshops and seminars designed to improve technical skills and bring out the best in a sales force or team. Market information to help with sales and marketing planning is also available to SATRA members.


As well as providing technical support in production and bringing product to market, SATRA has its own research team dedicated to the development of material, product and process right from the start. Current research includes a sustainability award for products in the supply chain and meaningful labeling at point of sale.

For more information on how SATRA can help please contact James Corton.