Slip Training Video

A new video tutorial offering guidance on following the new slip standard from the American Society for Testing and Materials, ASTM F2913-11.


Slip Training Video

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Slip Test Training Video

The video covers all stages of the test, starting with calibration of the machine and surfaces.

Detailed explanation of footwear setup on the machine.

Highlighting potential pitfalls to gaining correct test results.

Demonstrations of the test in action.

Testing against industry-accepted slip resistance standards is a proven method of validating products, and demonstrating due diligence against the risk of slip. In the U.S. and Europe, there are legal obligations, requiring suppliers to place only safe products on the market. Other parts of the world appear to be following suit. Reducing the risk of footwear slip is an essential safety aspect to be considered.

A slip test machine can be used as a development tool to verify the slip resistance of new footwear products, or to validate production footwear against a footwear specification in which a required coefficient of friction (the ratio of the horizontal force to the vertical force as the shoe slips) has been specified. Testing against industry-accepted slip resistance standards is a proven method to validate products, and to demonstrate due diligence. SATRA has used its extensive knowledge of slip and its causes to develop a test method, and what is widely considered to be the best testing rig available worldwide.

The first prototype was built over thirty years ago, and has undergone many refinements and improvements since. The SATRA STM 603 Slip Resistance Testing machine accepts a wide range of ground surfaces against which footwear can be tested. It can test footwear using calibrated dry, wet or lubricated standard flooring surfaces, designed to give reproducible footwear slip test results. To simulate cold weather conditions, an optional piece of SATRA equipment allows a temperature-controlled block of ice to be produced and used in the STM 603 machine.

SATRA's slip test method, TM144, has also undergone many refinements to become arguably the most authoritative measure of footwear slip available. Consequently, over recent years, standards committees around the world have adopted or incorporated the SATRA method into their own standards. ASTM is one such committee, and a video guide on how to follow ASTM F2913-11 is available here. The operator in the video uses the SATRA STM 603 slip test rig, but the method itself can be conducted using any machine of a similar specification.

Members of SATRA can benefit from discounts on purchases of the STM 603, as well as technical support for the machine and its operators.

The videos on the right (and also available from ASTM) cover in detail all the processes required to complete an accurate slip test – from calibration and sample preparation through to set up and conducting the test.

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