Test Equipment

One of our aims is to capitalize even further on the unrivalled expertise found in SATRA test laboratories to enhance the next generation of SATRA test equipment.


Why Choose SATRA Test Equipment?

SATRA uses its technical expertise to design and build some of the best test equipment available. SATRA test equipment stands apart because of its technical excellence. No other test equipment provider has our level of in-house technical support. SATRA test equipment is unique in having benefited from being trialed first in SATRA laboratories. This gives you a supply chain advantage as the SATRA name is recognized, respected and valued in over 70 countries.

SATRA’s test equipment division has a commitment to the development of high quality machines and to the provision of high levels of customer service and aftercare.

SATRA continues to research and develop new test approaches, test methods and test machines, including developing machines to customer specific requirements.

SATRA test equipment is supplied to a wide range of industry sectors, including: leather, footwear, furniture, flooring, textiles and garments, safety products, rubber, printing, and automotive, as well as to test laboratories and research institutes.


For more information on how SATRA can help, please contact James Corton.